The Engineering Services department of Stellar Space Industries designs and manufactures instruments and systems for companies that are related to the space industry.

The engineers of Stellar Space Industries bridge the gap between functional design and optimized production. We test designs for their quality. We optimize designs by considering manufacturability, complexity, and manufacture costs.

Design for manufacture

We design considering manufacturability.

We design your product such that it can be manufactured efficiently and cost effective. The type and form of a product, next to its dimensional tolerances, can significantly increase production costs. We use 3D-modelling software in order to provide clear technological drawings of your product. Our services prevent unnecessary production errors and ensures that the resulting product is manufactured to your specification.

Design analysis

We perform design analyses.

Stellar Space Industries provides several types of stress analyses on parts and assemblies, including finite element analyses and thermal- and fluid flow analyses. Next to that we simulate multi-body dynamics and optimize parts and assemblies using simulation software.

Manufacturing and assembly

We have the in-house technology to manufacture and assemble high-precision instruments and systems.

In our in-house workshop we assemble parts to fit, which prevents spending resources on re-machining. In our manufacturing process we use CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, spark eroding machines and 3D-printers. Stellar Space Industries manufactures and assembles every piece of precision technology that is required by our customers. For assembling clean instruments and systems, we can arrange an ISO7 clean room.


We are capable to perform test methods on aerospace certified products.

We engineer entire testing installations for your products. We provide mechanical tests, thermal tests and EMC tests. Test results will be provided in a representative manner in order to share them directly with stakeholders.


We believe that rapid prototyping is important in the high-precision instrument industry.

Currently we are developing a proof of concept for a robot. This project enables Stellar Space Industries to provide customers with a low cost proof of concept, which represents a valuable next step in the development of a new product.

Quality assurance

We guarantee and provide products with assurance of quality.

Products that are manufactured by Stellar Space Industries are delivered with the quality requirements demanded by the customer. Our workshop has several certifications and safety procedures for properly carrying out manufacturing activities. By keeping these certifications, procedures and requirements in account, we assure that our products are compliant with our customers expectations.

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