Welcome to Stellar Space Industries

Stellar Space Industries is a start-up that is located at the Bio Science Park in Leiden. Stellar Space Industries is founded by a group of mechanical and aerospace engineers. We are specialized in the design and manufacture of instruments, systems, and other products for the high-tech industry, and our main focus is the space industry. Feel free to contact Stellar Space Industries, if you are interested in our innovative and engineering services and solutions.

Our range of high-precision instrument manufacturing


Our team consists of four young professionals with a background in mechanical and aerospace engineering.


The fundamental believe that endorsed this commercial partnership is that our society is at the brink of developing into a space-based economy. Stellar Space Industries closely follows the developments with respect to the utilization of in-situ resources in current space operations, in order to detect technological black holes in the space exploration industry. By strengthening our production capability for the fabrication of space technology and providing engineering services for the high-tech industry, we finance our research into the future exploration of the universe.

Engineering services

Stellar Space Industries provides engineering services for customers and partners.

Innovation project

This project involves the development of the accumulator project.

Mechanical workshop of 2000 m2

With capabilities for CNC milling/lath, Spark erosion, 3D printers, and Conventional machining equipment. In addition, an electronics lab and a cleanroom (ISO 7 certified).


We are always interested in new and enthusiastic colleagues. Do you want to do an internship at Stellar Space Industries or do you have ideas and capabilities to strengthen our team? Please send us a small description of your potential contribution, including your resume.

Customers and partners

Cosine Measurement Systems (Cosine), Leiden Probe Microscopy (LPM), Airbus Defence and Space (Airbus), Heemskerk Innovative Technology (HIT), European Space Agency (ESA), Applied Nanolayers (ANL), Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Hyperion Technologies (HT).

Core values

Our core values are commitment, diversity, innovation, integrity, teamwork, and quality.


Robert Boyleweg 4, Bio Science Park, Leiden, The Netherlands.

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